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A World Of Learning and Fun– Hampton Inn

Are you considering a family getaway to Mississippi? If so, the Mississippi Children's Museum in Jackson is a must-visit destination. Situated in the heart of Jackson, this dynamic museum offers engaging exhibits that blend education and entertainment. It ensures an enjoyable experience for both youngsters and adults. Furthermore, if you're searching for a convenient and comfortable hotel booking option, you'll find Hampton Inn, one of the best hotel booking in Flowood, MS, an outstanding choice.  


The Mississippi Children's Museum seamlessly combines education and play, creating an enriching space for families and children to delve into diverse interactive activities. Here, young minds can embark on journeys of exploration and discovery, nurturing their creativity, honing critical thinking skills, and igniting a passion for learning. With interactive exhibits, educational initiatives, and captivating special events, MCM cultivates an engaging atmosphere that inspires children to delve into the world's wonders, all while having a blast.  


Established in 1994, the Mississippi Children's Museum has remained steadfast in its commitment to offering children a secure and enjoyable educational setting. Its enduring dedication has led to its growth and transformation over time, solidifying its status as a cherished and esteemed institution in Jackson, Mississippi.  


The core mission of the Mississippi Children's Museum is to ignite inspiration and education in children by encouraging them to delve into interactive, hands-on exhibits and programs. This steadfast commitment extends to nurturing vital skills, cultivating a lifelong passion for learning, and promoting a strong sense of community and family involvement among children.  

Operating Hours

The Mississippi Children's Museum is conveniently located at 2145 Museum Blvd, Jackson, MS 39202. Here are the typical operating hours:  

  • Monday: Closed  
  • Tuesday – Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM  
  • Sunday: 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM  

Seasonal Exhibits At Mississippi Children's Museum  



Journey To The North Pole 

Nov 19 – Jan 7 

Splash & Bubbles 

May 20 – Sep 4 


1. Journey To The North Pole  

Inspired by navigation, geography, and classic holiday stories, "Journey to the North Pole" enchantingly converts the Gertrude C. Ford Exhibition Hall into a wintery village aglow with lights and train cars. Glide across the Reindeer Rink in your cherished holiday socks, experience the exhilaration of the 45-foot Snowflake Slide, and enjoy the warmth of Eudora Welty's living room by the fireplace. Discover these delights and more at Jackson's beloved family holiday attraction!  

Exhibit Features  

  • Enchanting train cars designed for students to craft their personalized holiday journey  
  • A child-sized post office to send and organize their festive letters and parcels     
  • The Journey to the North Pole Clock Tower   
  • A holiday train table featuring toy trains and movable village components   
  • A letter-writing station for composing messages to Santa and learning about proper addressing   
  • The Reindeer Rink, a sock-skating rink     
  • The Snowflake Slide   
  • Warm up beside the fireplace in Eudora Welty's living room!  

2. Splash & Bubbles  

Children can venture into a submerged ship in this captivating and educational exhibit, discovering the parallels and distinctions between artificial and natural reefs. Guests will also engage in a thrilling treasure hunt.  

Visitors can navigate the Kelp Forest and contribute to its cleanliness by gathering green algae from the ocean floor. Additionally, they'll gain knowledge about bioluminescence in the Deep by crafting their glow-in-the-dark jellyfish and marveling at a life-size 12-foot-wide Japanese Spider Crab.  

Other Activities Include:  

  • Uncover an array of shark species  
  • Craft a custom-made shark hat  
  • Recognize enigmatic ocean creatures  
  • Sketch a fish to contribute to a communal collage   
  • Conceal Myshell the Crab using various coral patterns  

Educational Programs  

Program Name 


Field Trips 

The museum welcomes school groups and offers guided tours and interactive learning experiences. 

Professional Development 

Mississippi Children's Museum offers engaging professional development programs, empowering educators with innovative tools for enriched learning experiences. 

Launch Into Learning 

MCM takes pride in providing afterschool programs for select PreK4 to 5th-grade students, addressing the community's demand for safe and educational environments. 


Visitor Tips  

Hotels In Flowood, MS

Before you plan your visit to the Mississippi Children's Museum, here are some helpful tips to ensure you have a fantastic experience:  

1. Check The Website  

Please refer to the museum's official website for the latest details regarding operating hours, admission rates, and special events.  

2. Membership  

If you intend to visit frequently, consider joining as a member; it typically covers its cost after only a few visits.  

3. Arrive Early  

Crowds, particularly on weekends, can make the museum busy. Arriving early can assist in bypassing extended wait times.  

4. Hands-On Learning  

Promote your children's exploration and active involvement with the exhibits. The museum places a strong emphasis on learning through interactive play.  

Hampton Inn: Your Comfortable Getaway  

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Additional Services: 



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Front Desk Services 

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An Expedition Of Knowledge & Delight  

Exploring the Mississippi Children's Museum provides families with an enriching experience combining education and entertainment. Opting for room booking at the Hampton Inn, one of the best hotels in Flowood, MS, will grant you a comfortable and conveniently located hub for your Jackson adventures.  The Mississippi Children's Museum has various attractions catering to children of all ages.  

Visit us at:  

115 Hospitality Drive Flowood, Mississippi, 39232, USA  

+1 (601) 709 5200  

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1. What Is The Best Time To Visit Mississippi?  

The best time to visit Mississippi is spring and fall. The weather is mild and comfortable.

2. Are There Pet-Friendly Rooms At Hampton Inn?  

Yes, pet-friendly rooms are available at Hampton Inn.  

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