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Safety Tips

We prioritize your safety over everything else.
We kindly request all our guests to thoroughly review the safety guidelines and protocols as they enjoy one of the finest vacations at Hampton Inn – one of the premium luxury hotels in Flowood, MS.


These travel tips provide valuable advice for a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience.

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Travel Tips
Pack light

Traveling with minimal luggage is a great way to make your journey more pleasant. It can save you from the hassle of lugging around heavy bags.

Carry zip locks

Ziplock bags are incredibly versatile. They can help you keep your belongings organized and separate, and they are particularly useful for storing damp or wet clothes to prevent them from affecting the rest of your clothing.

Locks are inevitable

Securing your travel bags and suitcases with locks is crucial to protecting your belongings from theft. Always lock your bags during transit.

Carry important papers

This tip emphasizes the importance of carrying essential travel documents such as your passport, driver's license, and all the required vehicle documents. These documents are necessary for identification and compliance with local regulations.

Pre-book your tickets online

Booking your entry tickets for tourist attractions in advance can save you time and energy.

Hotel Protocols

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When you arrive
please follow the guidelines mentioned below:

Refer to the property map behind your guestroom door to find the fire exits and staircases on your floor.

Be aware of the positions of alarm pull stations and fire extinguishers on your floor.

Locate the "Off" switch on your air conditioner.

Note:In the event of a fire, switching off the air conditioner is essential to prevent smoke from entering your room.

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For your security
we advise you to follow these security procedures:

Utilize the deadbolt lock on your door for maximum safety.

Enhance your security by securing the doors with the safety latch provided.

Regarding admittance to your room
kindly adhere to the following guidelines
Identity Verification:

Never allow an unknown individual into your room without verifying their identity first.

Contact Front Desk:

If you have any doubts about the person's identity, please contact the front desk for assistance and confirmation.

Safety of your Key:

Keep your room keys secure at all times. Avoid leaving your key unattended in your room or outside your door.

Avoid Giving Keys to Strangers:

Refrain from handing over your keys to strangers or anyone you don't trust.

Front Desk Key Deposit:

Before leaving your room for the day, ensure that you drop off your keys at the front desk.


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In case of fire,
please follow these instructions
Stay Calm:

Keep your composure and try not to panic.

Activate the Fire Alarm:

If there's a fire alarm nearby, pull it immediately to alert others.

Close your Doors

If it's safe, close all doors around the fire area to contain it.

Contact the Front Desk:

Call the front desk to inform them about the situation and your location.

Inform our Service Staff:

Inform the service staff about the emergency.

Evacuate Immediately:

Leave your guest room and exit the hotel property as swiftly and safely as possible.

Carry Your Room Key:

Always have your room key with you, as it may be needed during the evacuation or for re-entry once the situation is resolved.

In case of smoke,

Please follow these steps based on the door's temperature:

Case A (Door is Cold):

If it is cold, open the door slowly.

Exit the room, and ensure you carry your room keys with you for re-entry.

Case B (Door is Hot):

Do not open the door if it feels hot.

Await assistance from our service staff.

Now, in the hallway, follow these guidelines depending on the hallway conditions:

Case 1 (Hallway is Smoke-Free):

If the hallway is smoke-free, proceed toward the emergency exit staircase.

Case 2 (Hallway is Filled with Smoke):

If the hallway is filled with smoke, immediately return to your room.

We will provide you with prompt instructions to ensure your utmost safety.

COVID-19 protocols

In accordance with our brand's COVID-19 protocols and state regulations, we kindly request our guests to follow these guidelines to prioritize their safety during the pandemic:

Wear Face Masks:

Please wear face masks in all public areas of the hotel, including the lobby, to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

Observe Social Distancing:

Maintain social distancing in all areas, including the breakfast area, to minimize close contact with others and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Disclaimer:It's important to note that while we are committed to enforcing safety measures, the hotel cannot be held responsible for any illnesses contracted by guests during their stay on our premises. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in these challenging times as we collectively work to ensure the well-being of all our guests and staff.

If you encounter smoke in your room
Please follow these steps to prioritize your safety:
Create a Smoke Filter:

Fold a wet towel into a triangle and tie it over your nose and mouth to filter the air you breathe.

Contact the Front Desk

Call the front desk immediately to report the situation.

Inform the Service Staff:

If possible, inform the service staff about the smoke in your room.

Stay Low:

To avoid inhaling smoke and gas, get down on your hands and knees (or stomach) and crawl toward the door. Fresh air is typically closer to the ground.

Stay Low:

To avoid inhaling smoke and gas, get down on your hands and knees (or stomach) and crawl toward the door. Fresh air is typically closer to the ground.

Check the Doorknob:

Before opening the door, use your hand to touch the doorknob. If it feels hot, it may indicate fire on the other side. In such a case, do not open the door. Instead, seek an alternate escape route.

These actions are crucial for your safety in the event of smoke, as they can help minimize the risks associated with smoke inhalation and help you advance to safety.

In the event of a tornado or severe weather:
Civil Defense Siren Activation:

During adverse weather conditions, the city's Civil Defense Sirens will be activated to alert residents and visitors.

Hotel’s Fire Alarm System Activation:

Simultaneously, our hotel property's Fire Alarm System will be activated to notify our guests regarding the situation.

Mandatory Evacuation:

Following the activation of the fire alarm, it is mandatory, as per protocol, to evacuate to the lower levels of the hotel immediately.

Prompt Assistance:

Our hotel staff will be readily available to assist you throughout the emergency.


We will make every effort to inform you about the emergency, either by phone or in person at your doorstep, as part of our commitment to your safety and well-being.